GainText — plain text source code for the semantic web


GainText is about writing rich documents in an expressive and easy to learn language.

There are already several good markup languages which allow to write documents in a plain text form. Each of them has its benefits:

GainText tries to combine the benefits of these languages and to become the plain text source code for structured semantic documents. Easy markup ala Markdown is combined with a structured document object model ala HTML.

By combining existing web standards with a simple plain text markup syntax, GainText wants to be the perfect choice for technical papers and documentation.

Sneak Preview

Writing text:


Text with _embedded_ `markup`.

 * Layout in source is important
   - allows to write beautiful source documents
   - also readable by non-techies
 * TBD

Writing structured elements:

author: Martin Waitz
  city: Nuremberg
  country: Germany

Combination of structured and text information:

title: GainText example
author: Martin Waitz

  This is a small example which shows some *GainText* features.

Chapter 1

Blah blah, see [figure:f1].

figure: #f1
  image: fig1.png
  caption: A nice graphic explaining the text

Where is the code?

Please be patient...

Currently I'm finishing the specification and am working on a first parser. The current work can be observed on GitHub.